Civic Collaboration Spotlight: Improving public transportation, reducing poverty in Memphis

News & Spotlights | July 20, 2023
Civic Collaboration Team Memphis

Civic Collaboration Team Memphis is working with Innovate Memphis, a nonprofit focused on delivering civic solutions through partnerships.

The scholars have been placed with the Transit Vision Project, an initiative that seeks to provide more frequent transit, decrease commute times, and improve public transportation within the city to reduce and prevent poverty.

Team Memphis—Emma Coye ’26, Anna Cathryn Perry ’26, Emma Montero ’26, Maya Decoux ’26, and Lauryn Taylor ’26—has been collaborating with local politicians, community leaders, and other nonprofits to increase funding for and promote the cause of the project.

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During the Civic Collaboration summer, teams of scholars embed themselves in cities across the U.S., investigate those communities’ challenges and opportunities, and propose real solutions. Not as interns—but as citizens.

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