Sophomore Intake scholars explore canyon wilderness over spring break

News & Spotlights | March 27, 2024
Four backpackers hike through a canyon in the Utah wilderness on a cloudy day. They are carrying hiking sticks, backpacks, and sleeping mats.
The scholars completed more than fifteen miles of off-trail travel for their Outdoor Leadership experience.

The fifteen new Sophomore Intake scholars embarked on their first Summer Enrichment Program experience over spring break: Outdoor Leadership.

The scholars went on a canyon wilderness expedition through the National Outdoor Leadership School around White Canyon, Utah. Over the course of four days, they traveled more than fifteen miles of off-trail travel on foot, reaching altitudes upwards of 7,000 feet. They saw deer, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, and black bears.

A few of the scholars shared their reactions with Morehead-Cain’s Scholar Media Team following their return on March 16:

I think the funniest thing was all of us trying to get rid of as much food as possible because we didn’t want to carry it.” —Neharika Kodali ’26

Gathering under the stars every night, no matter how tired we were or how cold it was, we always found the time and energy to cherish the moments of the day. Appreciating the friend who lent us a hand, cooked for us, gave us a hug, or sang us a song before we went to sleep.” —Kassandra Ciriza ’26

I saw not one, not two, but THREE shooting stars one night. It was incredible.” —Mary Esposito ’26

The scholars are now planning for their second summers, which include joining the class of 2027 for Civic Collaboration, exploring the world for Global Perspective, or pursuing career interests for Professional Experience.