Morehead-Cains on the move: Summer 2022

News & Spotlights | August 1, 2022
Scene along East Cameron Avenue after a late afternoon rain on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. June 6, 2022. (Jon Gardiner/UNC–Chapel Hill)

Morehead-Cain Scholars and Alumni landed new jobs, received accolades, earned advanced degrees, and more. Here’s who made a move this summer.

  • Karen Stevenson ’79 received the Horace Dutton Taft Alumni Medal, the Taft School’s highest alumni honor. The nominating school is in Watertown, Connecticut. Karen is a U.S. Magistrate Judge for the Central District of California.
  • Jerry Blackwell ’84 of Blackwell Burke P.A. was nominated by President Joe Biden to become a federal judge in Minnesota. The alumnus was a special prosecutor in the trial of Derek Chauvin.
  • Carwile LeRoy ’88 won the Martin 16 class at the Clagett Regatta—U.S. Para Sailing Championships.
  • Eileen Dordek ’90 is running for state representative in Illinois (District 13). Ben Humphries ’22 is on the campaign team.
  • Erin Petty Jones ’00 became deputy general counsel for the Bezos Earth Fund, a philanthropic organization that combats climate change.
  • Marnie Hanel Bordley ’03 has co-authored a cookbook for kids, Lunchbox, which features more than 100 nutritious lunches.
  • Andrew Patterson ’06 left Greenfly, Inc., to become the first CEO of Jomboy Media, a multimedia sports an entertainment company.
  • A film directed by Ed Perkins ’09, The Princess, premiered on HBO and HBO Max on August 13. The film marks the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death.
  • Tori Stilwell ’12 became deputy speechwriter for Attorney General Merrick Garland on behalf of the U.S. Department of Justice.
  • Cody Welton ’13 will continue his role as chief of staff for the Premier’s Office in Ontario after Doug Ford of the Progressive Conservative Party won a second majority in June.
  • Patrick Gray ’14 has completed three months of fieldwork research across Antarctica and Iceland, as well as off the coast of North Carolina, for his PhD in marine science from the Duke University Marine Lab. The alumnus is studying how the Gulf Stream front off North Carolina influences productivity and diversity in the ocean to reveal implications for carbon export into the deep ocean and marine ecosystem resilience to warming.
  • Three Morehead-Cain Alumni were elected by members of the UNC General Alumni Association (GAA) to serve on the GAA board of directors: Bob Wynn ’76, Russell Babb ’95, and David Jernigan ’00. David Keesler ’84was appointed chair and Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld ’87 appointed faculty representative. Bob Wynn will return to Chapel Hill to lead a workshop on investments and finances at the 2022 Alumni Forum in October. The working title for Bob’s workshop is “A Guide for Investing for Young Morehead-Cains—Ages 18 to 88.”
  • Maria Silva ’22 has been admitted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management to pursue an MBA.

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