Karina Vasudeva ’24, Imani Rankins (UNC–Chapel Hill ’24) elected co-presidents of UNC Campus Y

News & Spotlights | April 11, 2023
Karina Vasudeva ’24 and Imani Rank-ins (Photo by Kayden Hunt ’24)

Karina Vasudeva ’24 and Imani Rankins (UNC–Chapel Hill ’24) have been elected co-presidents of the UNC Campus Y for the 2023–2024 academic year. Both have been members of the student-run organization since being first-year students at Carolina.

With a focus on strengthening community, Karina said she and Imani view their shared role “not as the sole champions of social justice on campus, but as collaborators in a larger movement.”

“Our commitment to coalition building stems from our belief that it is a powerful tool for creating a more just and equitable future,” Karina said, referring to the Campus Y as embodying the University’s ‘collective conscious.’

“By working together with compassion and solidarity, we can transform our campus and beyond into a place where equity, compassion, and justice are the norm.”

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