Civic Collaboration Spotlight: Driving strategic philanthropy in Pikes Peak, Colorado

News & Spotlights | July 18, 2023
From left to right: Brook Cheuvront ’26, Charles Konkolics ’26, Sawyer Husain ’26, and Noa Roxborough ’26.

Scholars in Civic Collaboration Team Colorado Springs this summer worked with the Pikes Peak Community Foundation to conduct a comprehensive review of strategic action plans written by the municipal government, local universities, nonprofits, public-private working groups, and other stakeholders.

“Our goal for the summer is to find the intersecting priorities of these plans and determine the priorities of the city and the most important sectors for funding in the Pike’s Peak region,” Sawyer Husain ’26 said.

The nonprofit foundation seeks to drive philanthropy and mobilize resources to address issues in the region.

“Getting to experience a community with a fresh set of eyes, and then having the opportunity to implement change in that same community, is an absolutely astounding experience. Getting to create real change, and experience the way it will be beneficial to the city, is so motivating.”

Team Colorado Springs comprises Brook Cheuvront ’26, Charles Konkolics ’26, Sawyer Husain ’26, and Noa Roxborough ’26.

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During the Civic Collaboration summer, teams of scholars embed themselves in cities across the U.S., investigate those communities’ challenges and opportunities, and propose real solutions. Not as interns—but as citizens.

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