Civic Collaboration Spotlight: Fostering health accessibility in Grand Rapids, Michigan

News & Spotlights | August 17, 2023
Civic Collaboration Team Grand Rapids

For Civic Collaboration, Gowri Abhinanda ’26, Jazlyn Dunn ’26, Sashank Ganapathiraju ’26, Rotimi Kukoyi ’26, and Martha Plaehn ’26 are working as health consultants with the Koeze Business Ethics Initiative to provide actionable steps for Corewell Health—the largest health system in West Michigan—to foster health accessibility.

After speaking with physicians, unhoused community members, community health workers, and others, the team created seven proposals for the health system to implement. The team pitches those ideas today for their final presentation!

Outside of work, the team has traveled to Canada, Chicago, and Michigan’s cliffs, dunes, and lakes.

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During the Civic Collaboration summer, teams of scholars embed themselves in cities across the U.S., investigate those communities’ challenges and opportunities, and propose real solutions. Not as interns—but as citizens.

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