Professional Experience Spotlight: Interning at Zipline, the world’s largest autonomous delivery system, with Nina Fisher ’24

News & Spotlights | August 17, 2023
Nina Fisher ’24

For her Professional Experience summer, Nina Fisher ’24 interned at Zipline, an engineering tech startup in San Francisco. The company is the world’s largest autonomous delivery system.

The scholar’s favorite part of the summer has been collaborating across teams and “understanding how they all come together to move the business forward,” she said.

“The mission and vision of the company are so prevalent in the work that people do that it’s been inspiring to work here,” said Nina, who interned on the People Team. “Being able to see the development of the product firsthand has been a great learning experience.”

The scholar focused on data analytics for people-related questions, such as performance, company attitudes and culture, compensation, and cross-functional coordination.

In the Professional Experience summer, scholars take part in an approved internship or pursue a startup idea of their own. They learn invaluable professional skills that will serve them well in their careers—whether it be in private business, nonprofit, or self-directed entrepreneurship.

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