Study Abroad Spotlight: Taking transatlantic security classes at the Brussels School of Governance, with Flavia Nunez Ludeiro ’26

News & Spotlights | October 19, 2023
Flavia Nunez Ludeiro ’26

For her study abroad program this semester, Flavia Nunez Ludeiro ’26 is participating in an Honors Carolina Burch Field Research Seminar in Brussels, Belgium.

Flavia and ten other students from Carolina are taking transatlantic security classes at the Brussels School of Governance taught by UNC–Chapel Hill’s Professor Robert O. Jenkins. She is also interning this semester at the Fulbright Commission in Brussels.

A typical day includes: taking reliable metros, grabbing coffee, going to work and studying, working out, trying new recipes, and enjoying overcast skies. On past weekends, she explored nearby cities, such as Dinant, Bruges, and Spa, as well as other countries, including Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

“Studying abroad is nothing like I expected, but I’ve traveled to dazzling places and feel myself living the stories I’ll tell my children someday,” Flavia said.

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