Connecting Leaders

Connecting Leaders

A Lifelong Commitment to Community and Influence

In 2021–2022, Morehead-Cain Alumni connected with one another and with current scholars through various community-building programs and events. They also came together to learn about new Foundation and University initiatives.

“I look forward to continuing my relationship with Jaya [Mishra ’22] through her senior year and hopefully beyond. Listening to her talk about wanting to make the world a better place for women gives me hope for my son and for future generations. The opportunity to be a part of the Morehead-Cain Mentoring program has been an honor.”
  • Lakshmi Murty Goudar, Mentor
  • Class of 1999

Scholars Connecting with Alumni Through Stories

The Morehead-Cain Scholar Media Team is an extracurricular program and internship run by our communications team. Scholars of all class years collaborate to produce multimedia content on the topics and issues they’re passionate about, as well as support Morehead-Cain’s institutional communications. In 2021–2022, the Scholar Media Team featured ten alumni across various industries and disciplines to share their insight and stories of triumph, failure, and growth.

October 7
So You Want to Be . . . a UX designer, with Caroline Jennings ’17 and Krupa Patel ’22
November 2
Election Day spotlight: Psychiatrist and North Carolina Representative Kristin Dutrow Baker ’85 on how college students can protect their mental health during the pandemic
January 4
One year after the Capitol riot: Aaron Hiller ’03 of the House Judiciary Committee on the story behind the Trump impeachment trials
January 17
The Catalyze podcast: MLK Day Special: Wendell McCain ’92, son of Greensboro Four civil rights activist Franklin McCain, with scholar host Benny Klein ’24
March 30
Lily Roberts ’12, managing director of the Center for American Progress, on which economic policies could reduce poverty, inequality post-COVID-19
April 19
Morehead-Cain Self-Starter Series: What we learned from Scott Diekema ’19 about building UNC Campus Y’s first coffee shop, social enterprise
April 25
Three things I learned from Brad Ives ’86 of Credo ESG Solutions about building social enterprises, by Tucker Stillman ’25
May 2023
How a tech company co-founded by Dave Werry ’06 is using AI to help companies provide ‘a daily health partner’ for employees
June 14
The Catalyze podcast: Jamie DeMent Holcomb ’01 on how saying ‘yes’ led her to success as a museum CEO, venture capitalist, writer, chef, and farmer, with scholar host Benny Klein ’24
June 28
The Catalyze podcast: Podcast producer Nick Andersen ’12 on navigating his career in media and what it’s like to work for PBS MASTERPIECE