Civic Collaboration

Civic Collaboration is the second summer in the Summer Enrichment Program. Teams of scholars work together to take a deep dive into a city issue, collaborating with local change-makers, and determining how they might contribute to the cause in their own way.

In 2021–2022, 15 Civic Collaboration scholar teams spent their summers in 14 cities within ten states across the U.S. Read more about their projects below.

Civic Collaboration Projects, Hosts


City of Fresno Office of Community Affairs

Historically negative opinions about Fresno have led to an exodus of young families away from the City. This team partnered with the Fresno Mayor’s Office to think strategically about how the City can redefine its identity and positively impact resident sentiment.

Scholars: Sarah Chocron ’25, David Nicholson ’25, Elizah Van Lockeren ’25, and Asher Wexler ’25
Project focus: Young adult/city engagement


City of Centennial

This team provided research and insight regarding the City of Centennial housing code to provide affordable housing options for city residents. The team’s work centered on historically marginalized and underrepresented communities.

Scholars: Uredo Agada ’25, Joe Hinchcliffe ’25, Kyle Lumsden ’25, Laura Saavedra Forero ’25, and Hudson Shank ’25
Project focus: Affordable housing

Colorado Springs
Pikes Peak Community Foundation

The Philanthropy Collective is a consortium of philanthropic organizations and individuals that exists to learn, share expertise, collaborate, and leverage resources to address our region’s most significant challenges and actualize its potential. This team worked closely with the Pikes Peak Community Foundation to consider strategies to maximize the Collective’s effectiveness and impact for the Pikes Peak Region.

Scholars: Guy Butler-Felton ’25, Mallie Clara Purvis ’25, Sarah Crow ’25, and Kene Ochuba ’25
Project focus: Collaborative philanthropy


Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government

The Lexington Commission for Racial Justice and Equality Health Disparities subcommittee identified access to fresh fruit and vegetables as a contributing factor to poorer health outcomes, particularly among low-income communities. This team worked to identify barriers to food access, reviewed existing City programs related to food access, and explored creative solutions for Lexington to consider.

Scholars: Foluwa Agbebi ’25, Noah Gottlieb ’25, Anna Mercer ’25, Sheidy Rios Vazquez ’25, and Becca Segal ’25
Project focus: Healthy food access

Louisville Urban League

This team partnered with the Louisville Urban League to enhance the organization’s educational enrichment program by revising its curriculum. The team also planned a parent convocation for the Project Ready and Middle School Scholars programs.

Scholars: Zuha Animashaun ’25, I’Mani Barnes ’25, Owen Gast ’25, and Jake Patterson ’25
Project focus: Enhancing youth programs


Center for Neighborhood Innovation

The Club at Collington Square (“the Club”) is a StrongCity Baltimore program that provides afterschool and summer programs for 200 K-12 scholars in the Collington Square community of East Baltimore. This team will spend time getting to know the team and operational structure of both Strong City and the Club, research local resources, and review other models in order to chart a path forward for the Club’s long term sustainability.

Scholars: Keenan Baker ’25, Will Fickling ’25, Steph Momanyi ’25, and Neha Saggi ’25
Project focus: Enhancing youth programs

Maryland Philanthropy Network

The City of Baltimore government provides various grant opportunities for nonprofits and others to access funds for civic projects. This team partnered with the Maryland Philanthropy Network to consider ways to improve systems for grantmaking, reporting, and receiving reimbursement for services provided by Baltimore City Government.

Scholars: Willow Taylor Chiang Yang ’25, Layah Clinton ’25, William Dahl ’25, Liam Furlong ’25, and Maggie Kern ’25
Project focus: Enhancing public/private partnerships


South Haven
City of South Haven

South Haven is a charming beach town located on Lake Michigan that is a popular vacation destination for people from nearby urban centers. This team worked closely with the Mayor’s Office to explore the impacts (perceived and actual) on the community by these short-term rentals, including city demographics, school enrollment, housing costs, and the local economy.

Scholars: Mercy Adekola ’25, Zoey Locklear ’25, Sebastian Mateu ’25, and Michael Zhang ’25
Project focus: Impacts of short-term rentals


Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our society as it impacts nearly every aspect of our lives. This team investigated barriers to faith communities responding to the climate crisis and helped Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light strategize ways to encourage increased participation among faith communities.

Scholars: Izzy Grandic ’25, Luke Manna ’25, Laurelle Maubert ’25, Graham Phillips ’25, and Virginie Ruest ’25
Project focus: Climate justice

New Mexico

City of Albuquerque Mayor’s Office

The City of Albuquerque recently instituted a fare-free public transit program called Zero Fares. This team assessed the program’s impact on accessibility, potential for expansion, and economic impact on City residents.

Scholars: Murphy Fisher ’25, Cate Miller ’25, Rotem Olsha ’25, Jacoby Smith ’25, Roariker Swenson ’25
Project focus: Transit equity

North Carolina

Asheville Planning and Urban Design

This team worked closely with the Asheville Planning and Urban Design office to consider how the Pack Square Plaza will be redesigned, programmed, and managed so that it fulfills its role as an equitable and inclusive public space for all residents and visitors.

Scholars: Mark Finamore ’25, Justin Goldman ’25, Jessica Hoffman ’25, Ria Patel ’25, and Alaina Shields ’25
Project focus: Inclusive placemaking

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

This team partnered with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services to investigate barriers at-risk communities in NC face to accessing food programs, such as WIC and SNAP.

Scholars: Michael Hostutler ’25, Logan Jackson ’25, Maanav Karamchandani ’25, and Jill Tora ’25
Project focus: Enhancing food assistance programs


PolicyBridge, Inc.

This team partnered with PolicyBridge, Inc., a nonpartisan “think and action tank,” to consider growth and development opportunities in Cleveland for historically underrepresented and underserved citizens in the City.

Scholars: Sofia Casini ’25, Kendall Leigh ’25, Nigel Parker ’25, Kate Quadland ’25, and Tucker Stillman ’25
Project focus: Economic development in underrepresented communities


The Enterprise Center

The Enterprise Center works in a variety of spaces throughout the City. This team was tasked with a dilemma related to public health and the social determinants of health. You will explore questions such as, “where is the overlap of innovation and quality of life (and not just efficiency)?

Scholars: Eleanor Bolton ’25, Kabir Dewan ’25,  Maddie Miyares ’25,  Julian Taylor ’25, and Grace Wolf ’25
Project focus: Public health

Innovate Memphis

Innovate Memphis partners with No Kid Hungry to identify effective strategies to end childhood hunger using the principles of human-centered design. This team collaborated with Innovate Memphis staff, including a No Kid Hungry Fellow to consider best practices for addressing childhood hunger in Memphis.

Scholars: Lexi Born ’25, Sage Crosby ’25, Pranav Krishnan ’25, Emilee Liggins ’25, and Pratyush Seshadri ’25
Host: Innovate Memphis
Project focus: Healthy food access

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