Year in Review


A year unlike any other. We invite you to take a look around our first online annual report for stories of Morehead-Cains overcoming challenges, serving their communities, and supporting one another.

Message from the President

Dear Morehead-Cain Community,

This August, I welcomed the scholars back to campus with a message that began with the words below:

Each morning, I make a quiet walk from my new home in Carrboro to my new office at the Foundation. I am struck by the diversity of food options, the sheer number of churches, the grand oaks of McCorkle Place, and the number of t-shirts (and fire trucks!) colored Carolina Blue. 

This is my home, now. It is a home that I share with you: a home that buzzes with human potential and seemingly endless opportunity. It is a home that we will care for together, and that we will work to leave in an even better state than we find it today.

I have been filled with gratitude, joy, and awe in the months since writing this message. This is an extraordinary community of leaders. We are housed at a powerful university with a profoundly important public mission.

Each day, scholars come through the Foundation to study, converse, and play—while wearing masks, keeping appropriate distance, and modeling the public health behaviors that have kept the University going through the pandemic. Scholars have embraced the unique challenge of building and rebuilding campus institutions after two and a half semesters of remote instruction. I am impressed by their curiosity, their courage, and their commitment.

In conversations with me, scholars share tales of the ways in which interactions with alumni—as mentors, as managers, at SEVEN Talks, and over emails—are honing their interests and connecting them to opportunity. Thank you, alumni, for the role you are playing in shaping an unparalleled university experience for the scholars.

I see Morehead-Cain as the best of higher education. We have set the standard in identifying leadership potential in young people from a broad range of backgrounds. Our model stretches scholars beyond their academic majors and sees them identify personal missions. The alumni network invests in the Program with a level of engagement that is the envy of our peers.

In recent weeks I have begun to reference “Morehead-Cain 2045.” I look forward to working with our community to define the impact we seek to have had on the world in 2045, when the Foundation celebrates its centennial. I believe we have earned the right to dream big, and I know that if a community like this one sets a grand aspiration, we are likely to achieve it. I also know that 2045 is not very far away: in 2045, the first-year scholars will be the same age that I am today. I am not very old!

I look forward to a year spent discovering the Foundation and imagining the future alongside each of you. Thank you for your warm welcome.

Chris Bradford

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A Look Back

As a result of the pandemic, all of Morehead-Cain’s events went virtual in 2020. Alumni and scholars debated important issues, offered wise words, and shared personal stories.

July 15
Virtual Panel Discussion
Speaking up in the Moments that Matter, with moderator Lindsay-Rae McIntyre ’97 and panelists Sherilynn Black ’01, Arash Jahanian ’03, and Joel Semakula ’12
July 17
Scholar Town Hall Meeting
July 20
The Persistence of Institutional Racism at UNC
August 19
All-Scholar Virtual Kick-Off
September 9
Virtual Panel Discussion
A Polarized America: Saving the Art of Agreeable Disagreement, with moderator Robbie Bach ’84 and panelists Kelly Veney Darnell, Hadley Heath Manning ’10, and Rachel Myrick ’13
September 16
Alumni SEVEN Speaker: Fred Wherry ’96
September 23
Alumni SEVEN Speaker: Danielle Allen ’09
September 30
Alumni SEVEN Speaker: Jed Lau ’98
October 7
Alumni SEVEN Speaker: Charlene Wong ’04
October 14
Alumni SEVEN Speaker: John Hamilton ’66
October 21
Scholar SEVEN Speaker: Andrew Buchanan ’23
October 28
Alumni SEVEN Speaker: Sagar Shukla ’15
October 29
Virtual Fall Banquet
November 18
Alumni Speaker Series: Britt Lake ’03
November 20
75th Anniversary Open House with Chuck Lovelace ’77 and Megan Mazzocchi
December 10
British Alumni Gathering with Chuck Lovelace ’77 and Megan Mazzocchi
December 10
Canadian Alumni Gathering with Chuck Lovelace ’77 and Megan Mazzocchi
December 16
Virtual Scholar Social
January 12
Meet the New Morehead-Cain President
January 27
Alumni Speaker Series: Alan Murray ’77
February 3
Alumni Panel Discussion: Responding to Climate Change
February 10
Alumni Speaker Series: Thompson Paine ’05
February 17
Alumni SEVEN Speaker: Cecilia Polanco ’16
February 24
Alumni SEVEN Speaker: Ray Sawyer ’13
March 3
Alumni SEVEN Speaker: Julie Huffaker ’91
March 10
Alumni Speaker Series: Bruce Gellin ’77
March 15
Icebreaker Social Hour with M-C Recipients
March 17
Alumni SEVEN Speaker: Tony Liu ’17
March 19
Distinguished Scholarships for Young Alumni: A Virtual Info Session
March 24
Scholar SEVEN Speaker: Takhona Hlatshwako ’22
March 26
Alumni Panel Discussion on Navigating Uncertainty
March 31
Virtual Speaker Series: UNC Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz
April 29
Virtual Senior Event
May 5
LDOC Ice Cream Social
June 25
Farewell Zoom for Chuck Lovelace ’77
“The Morehead-Cain has supported me in braving risks and seeking experiences that have helped me grow in creativity, independence, and gumption.”
  • Sanya Shah
  • Class of 2022