Global Perspective Projects

Alexandria Chadwick ’21
Exploring Catholic Social Teaching in Relation to Social Issues in the United States
Location: Camino de Santiago, Spain

Andrew Buchanan ’23
Geology Research in the Alaskan Brooks Range
Location: Arrigetch Massif, Alaska; Bishop, California; Mt. Hood, Oregon

Brianna Thompson ’22
An Exploration of Regenerative Agriculture: Building Skills on the Ground
Location: St. Thomas, Jamaica; Kingston, Jamaica; Baltimore, Maryland; Carrboro, North Carolina

Charlotte Dorn ’22
Comparing Technology-based Agricultural Techniques with Natural Permaculture Practices
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina; Malchingui, Ecuador; Santa Cruz Island, Ecuador

Connor Díaz ’22
An Analyzation of Globally Varying Geological Environments, and the Subsections Within Government-Sponsored Research
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland; Landmannalaugar, Iceland; Croatia

Emily Galvin ’21
Eating is an Agricultural Act: Food, Farming, and Ethics in the Roaring Fork Valley
Location: Basalt, Colorado; Santa Fe, New Mexico

Emmaus Holder ’23
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Across America
Location: Topsail, North Carolina; Asheville, North Carolina; Louisville, Kentucky; Cincinnati, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; Peoria, Illinois; Lincoln, Nebraska; Boulder, Colorado; Pleasant View, Utah; Los Angeles, California

Grant Everist ’22
The Era of Digital Government: A Global Analysis of Innovation in the Public Sector
Location: Bamberg, Germany

Hunter West ’22
Culture of Religion: American & English College Students
Location: London, England, United Kingdom; Houston, Texas

Jason Cowan ’21
Analyzing Organizational Behavior in Developing Countries’ Volunteering
Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Sasua, Dominican Republic; Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic; San Juan, Puerto Rico

Jay Sheth ’21
The Era of Digital Government: A Global Analysis of Innovation in the Public Sector
Location: Bamberg, Germany

Jona Bocari ’21
Remembering Victory, Heroism and Loss: A Study of National Memory and the Legacy of the Second World War
Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Washington, D.C.; Honolulu, Hawaii

Jordan Feldman ’23
Sustainability and Ecotourism Education in Costa Rica and Greece
Location: El Castillo, Costa Rica; Nas, Ikaria, Greece

Kate Carroll ’23
Studying and Journalistically Documenting Sustainability and Ecotourism in Contrasting Locations
Location: El Castillo, Costa Rica; Nas, Ikaria, Greece

Kelsie King ’21
The Disruptive Nature of Meditation on El Camino de Santiago
Location: Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France; Galicia, Spain

Levi McCracken ’21
Introspective Meditation and Reflection on the Camino
Location: Camino de Santiago

Lucy-Rose Dyson ’23
Internship in Restructuring
Location: London, England

Mollie Pepper ’21
Sustainable Agriculture and Community Education
Location: Basalt, Colorado; Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Patrick Bradey ’21
Pilgrim Urbanism: Pedestrian Infrastructure and Urban Design on the Camino de Santiago
Location: Camino de Santiago, Spain

Robert Keener ’22
Before Walter Benjamin—an Inquiry into the Art Historical Moment of Alois Riegl
Location: New Haven, Connecticut; Middlebury, Vermont

Sophie Cho ’23
The Korean Language, Culture, and my Heritage: A Summer of Self-Rediscovery in Seoul, South Korea
Location: South Korea

Varun Jain ’21
The Role of Geographical Indicators and Technology in Preserving, Growing and Marketing Traditional Production Practices in Italy
Location: Milan, Italy; Parma, Italy; Modena, Italy; Bologna, Italy; Bari, Italy; Matera, Italy; Reggio Calabria, Italy; Naples, Italy

William McGregor ’21
Business Spanish in Mexico City
Location: Mexico City, Mexico

* Connection made through a Morehead-Cain Alumnus/a