Summer Enrichment Program

The Hallmark of the Scholarship

The Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) continues to provide new and exciting stretch experiences for scholars. Scholars have access to unique opportunities that will prepare them to be the leaders of the next generation.

Four Life-Changing, Fully Funded Summers

The Summer Enrichment Program has two distinct phases. The first two summers, Outdoor Leadership and Civic Collaboration, are the fundamental summers: shared and team-based experiences designed to help scholars better understand themselves, each other, and their greater communities. The third and fourth summers are the self-designed summers, in which scholars can personalize their learning with experiences that will suit their interests, academic paths, and career goals.

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“Thank you, Morehead-Cain, for encouraging me and providing me with the opportunity to seek out experiences beyond my comfort zone.”
  • Senam Adedze
  • Class of 2023